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Data breached has been increasingly common in today’s technology-based businesses. Cybercriminals are now focused on stealing confidential information rather than cash since they are more valuable. In the year 2016, breached data had increased by 40% and these breaches cost so much, from legal issues, data recovery, to lost customer loyalty. Definitely, you can save a lot of cash if you stay proactive about your data security.


Using Firewall Prevents Computer Viruses

Your computer’s firewall is your first line of protection against malicious viruses. Firewall filters information, protecting the data inside of your security parameter while keeping cybercriminals at bay. There are also firewalls that can alert your IT team of any attempted breach, so you can check any early threats that can potentially get into your system. Also, these early alerts can help you from excessive costly attacks.


Stress Test Protects You Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

Visual display of DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks are the most common way hackers use to flood and weaken your system. The entire server, routers, and firewalls can fall under false generated traffic in a DDOS attack. An effective way to find the weak points and reinforce your system is by stress testing. DDOS attacks cost a lot of money as they require time and resources to recover.


employee training


Training Your Employees Minimizes Your Weak Areas

The weakest part of your business’ data security is your employees. If your employees do not know how to properly store data and secure it, they could open emails that may contain malicious viruses. Make sure all your employees are well aware of security practices. Train them how to properly store data in the cloud and how to create folders for different types of information and mostly, specify the right security measure for your customer’s data. In addition, require a backup for all the data that’s secured in the cloud.


Creating A Response Plan to Stop Hackers Faster

Even if you have the most powerful security, it may still get breached by intelligent hackers. Hiding behind your security measure is not enough to keep hackers away. For this reason, having an excellent and efficient incident response plan can make a big difference. It is an effective and reliable response to any threats. Also, it minimizes the attack so hackers can go off the hook with very little information.


Data breach is a very expensive incident but having an IR team can null the expenses. Don’t wait until your data gets breached to make the right course of action. Being proactive in data security will not only save your business a lot of money but will also protect your valuable customers.

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